Mr. Mohsin Bhuiyan the councilor candidate of ward 20 of Toronto City has been vandalized.

Every four years in Canada we get either a Federal or Provincial or Municipal Election. We are the citizens of Canada choose our governments. That’s the democracy. We are blessed to live in Canada where there’s democracy and freedom of expression and freedom of choosing your representatives to form the government. A representative must be chosen by his or her eligibility, not by religion or color or ethnicity or creed or place of birth.
Vandalism of any form Hooliganism vindictiveness intimidation bullishness nepotism hepotism are no way approved or accepted in Canada.
I believe graffiti on Election Board is vandalism and it must be reported to local police as well as Election Toronto. I am really ashamed and disgusted and angry to see the Election posters of Mr. Mohshin Bhuya the councilor candidate of ward 20 of Toronto City has been vandalized. The rule of the election is you may not like a candidate but you can’t hate. Thats why the ballot box is. Those did the ill purport work are ever Coward. I condemn the vandalism of Mohshin Bhuiyan’s Election Board in strongest terms.
In the meantime, we should be careful and vigilant of these mischievous miscreants and never be discouraged. Some illness gets the germ from outside but some illness gets them from inside too. Inside germs are very detrimental.

Mr. Akhlaque Hussain, Renown Organizer, Toronto, Canada

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